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Christmas Banquet

Post by Boomerwang on Sat Dec 06, 2008 7:53 pm

Dear All,

I'm so thankful for everyone closely involved with the organization, planning, and implementation of our fellowship's Christmas banquet yesterday night. It goes without saying that nothing ever happens perfectly (at least, to our perception of 'perfect'), and original details always have to change and adapt to meet the occasion (no combat plan survives contact with the battlefield). That said, despite all the little nitpicky things, I want to send a sincere


to our fellowship leaders,
to our banquet organizers,
to our planners,
to our resource gatherers (you make SCVs look like lazy bums!),
to our servers
to our announcers and M.C.s

and to YOU, our FELLOWSHIP BODY, for coming, and inviting SO MANY NEW FACES. I saw hearts and minds changed for this occasion, from some of us who were at first unwilling to invite any of the people we knew, to people bringing 3, 4, 5, SIX people! Praise God!

Thank you to those of you who were patient with my spasmodic behavior before the banquet. We were all so busy, stressed, and burdened, it was just so refreshing to see God relieve our hearts with how wonderful the banquet was (and to see so many people remaining after the meal for the program). Freaking out is just my way of showing I care (it's true). ;)

Snap decisions had to be made, last-moment commands had to be given, but despite the difficulty and imperfect communications, from what I saw, everybody responded graciously, everybody performed their part (and more), and the people I talked to around me remained calm and peaceful under fire. You didn't let your nerves get to you, you didn't let fickle emotions get in the way of your passion and your calling. To you, I salute thee.

I hope and pray that last night many of you saw the rest you so desperately needed. I pray that God has used today to bring you peace, rejuvenation, and forgiveness and release of grudges from any bitterness or hard feelings that may have resulted from yesterday. May God allow you to dwell upon all the good He authored into yesterday. Forget the little mistakes you made, and be proud, knowing that God had you take part in something no less than magical.

From here on out, we are also armed with new knowledge and insight into how to conduct future events. This time I already saw instances where the wisdom of past experiences were applied to help make this one even more successful. Thank you to those of you who were thinking on your feet, and made those difficult decisions with a decisiveness that we sometimes lack!

Just to repeat, thank you to everyone in AIV who dedicated your time to performing, your time to preparing. Thank you for your patience with each other, and also thank you to those of you who went out of your comfort zones to invite people you may not have wanted to at first.

The feedback from performances was very encouraging, inspiring, exciting, and also humbling. It is very profound to think back on how God has allowed us to take part in something so much bigger than ourselves, and touch so many people through it. Through our imperfect hands and bodies, God has imparted His perfect blessing upon us. This is the power of the One we serve.

May your weekend be fruitful! God will surely reward you greatly for your sacrifice of time.


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