Notes from Lock-In

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Notes from Lock-In

Post by zhangshunyu on Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:20 am

What can we do to serve AIV?
-unofficial leadership

AIV 2008-09
-leaders stepping down
-covenant issues
-seeing leading as a job
-serving is stressful
-people are judgmental
-we are looking within the fellowship
-emphasizing discipleship
-passionate members
-willing to work behind the scenes
-transformed our lives

Hopes for AIV 2009-10
-people wanting to lead
-quality of NSO over quantity
-discipleship for everyone
-upperclassmen reaching out more to underclassmen

What can we do to help get us from here to there?
-being disciplers
-being discipled
-mindset change for serving
-talking to underclassmen
-reaching out to other seniors
-doing stuff together as a class
-building strong relationships
-integrating genders/groups
-class Bible studies
-sharing our lives
-making 'family trees' to show our impacts
-having fun together!

Why aren't we doing these things? - Heart Issues
-putting school above everything else
-fear of failure
-compartmentalization of lives
-lack of faith
-not seeing God's plan
-not spending time with God
-not seeing God's joy and love
-frustration with AIV
-confusion about AIV

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