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About InterVarsity

Post by Boomerwang on Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:36 am

Welcome to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Michigan! We currently have three chapters on the Ann Arbor campus: Asian InterVarsity, Multi-Ethnic InterVarsity, and the Graduate student chapter.

"What is InterVarsity?"

Our purpose is to "establish and advance witnessing communities of students who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord." We're a student-led para-church organization that follows Jesus. As a whole, we strive to advance what Jesus is about in the world. That includes:

  • A commitment to the Bible's teachings,
  • Authentic community,
  • Regular worship and prayer in groups,
  • Proclaiming and living out the Good News of Jesus Christ in all aspects of life

"What's the difference between the Asian and Multi-Ethnic chapters?"

Both chapters welcome all people and have the same purpose in reaching the whole campus with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but we go about it in different ways.

Asian InterVarsity specifically targets students of Asian ethnicities. Being minority students in a majority culture on campus, Asian and A/PIA students are given a place to grow with others in their shared ethnic identity in relation to their spiritual walk.

IV-ME reaches students of all ethnicities because InterVarsity also values the gathering of students of diverse backgrounds to represent the full picture of God's people in the world.

Together, both chapters pursue a multiethnic community of students who follow Jesus.

Asian InterVarsity

You can find out more about the Asian chapter of Michigan's InterVarsity Fellowship by visiting the AIVCF Website, where we have the following information (links) and more:

Multi-Ethnic InterVarsity

Visit the IV-ME Website for more information, including the following links and more:


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