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Post by stephchang Sun Nov 23, 2008 6:11 pm

Hello fellow freshies =]
So if you have not noticed, class time is UBER FUN. and if you've been missing out, poop on you.

Anyway, I've been asking around to see who would be interested in running class time per week. I think it would be nice to have different people volunteer to plan/coordinate class time each week. I've been doing it a couple weeks, and Bryan did last week.
Here's a list of people who i've been speaking with who are interested in the future to coordinate class time:

Stephanie (Wong)

No one in particular is plugged into a week yet. And we probably will NOT have class time during thanksgiving break. But starting after thanksgiving break, we'll need people to coordinate. Let me know if you would like to coordinate a week, as well as what you want to do. FYI..dinners are the easiest but let's challenge ourselves.

There has been talk about doing the following:
class scavenger hunt
class bible study
collectively going to DPMs
class dinners [of course]-outside of dining halls {bdubs, for example}
and then there's Freshmen night...sometime second semester when the freshmen run AIV

so yeah. we'll keep this forum open and it'd be great way for people to step up/volunteer or make suggestions.

<3 steph

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