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How To Access Your Sharing Forum

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How To Access Your Sharing Forum Empty How To Access Your Sharing Forum

Post by Boomerwang Fri Oct 24, 2008 10:32 pm

Hi everyone!

Here is how you access your small group Sharing forum. Smile

small group forums are like buildings. There’s this area here, the one
you see upon clicking on any Small Group forum, that’s like a
public-accessible area, such as the lobby. As random people come and
go, they can stop in for a visit and see what’s going on.

Each small group’s Sharing Forum is like the executive suite of a building – not just anyone can walk in.
real life, people use ID cards, fingerprint scans, and the like to
distinguish between authorized members and the rest of the crowd. Here
on the forums, we use forum usergroups. In order to view your small group’s sharing forum, you first need to join the right usergroup:

How To Access Your Sharing Forum Usergroups_tutorial_1a

Clicking Usergroups
(as shown above) will take you to a menu where you can select the
group(s) you want to join - just like in real life, you can be a part
of more than one group. Select a usergroup you want to join to get
taken to the next screen (here we’re using AIV Bursley small group as
an example):

How To Access Your Sharing Forum Usergroups_tutorial_2a

Simply click “Join Group.” A notification email is sent to the Group Moderator, who can then accept you.

your request has gone unanswered, it’s most likely because your Group
Moderator hasn’t responded to the notification email yet. No worries –
Administrators can also accept or reject requests. So in addition to
gently nudging your Group Moderator, you can also let an Admin know,
and we’ll get you squared away.

On a side note, Gender Forums work the exact same way – just select the relevant Gender usergroup you wish to be a part of, and click "Join Group."

Enjoy! Very Happy

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