Need a Study break? Are you an informed voter? Watch the Presidential Debate TODAY!

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Need a Study break? Are you an informed voter? Watch the Presidential Debate TODAY!

Post by lwoca on Tue Oct 07, 2008 4:00 am

I hope you all are having an good week! So the second presidential debate is today 10/7 from 9 - 10:30 pm, and if you have some free time I encourage you to watch them! We will be opening up our apartment 7G Cornerhouse to watch the debate with the offering of food and drinks. (sorry for those who came for the vp debates... I kind of didn't prepare food... sorry Betsy!). Feel free to come and bring friends (and food...haha).

I know we all are extremely busy with homework, papers, projects, and tests, but we are also given the responsibility to choose our next president. Depending on who we choose, that man's (and maybe someday woman?) vision will shape the America we will live in. I know being in college it's easy to feel that the decisions made in Washington don't affect us, but soon (AHH!!!) we'll be out there living in the "real" world. And even when we don't want the things in the "real" world to affect our bubble, it may be hard to keep it away. For example, the current credit crunch may have a huge effect with not only the availability of student loans and the level of interest rates but also the availability of new jobs. The current unemployment rate is at 6% (the highest it has been in five years) and 159,000 jobs were lost just this past month. Read these articles for more info,9171,1846726,00.html

What about our environment? How will we take care of it? Healthcare? Housing? The foreclosure crisis that we have been facing has caused more and more families to be homeless. (this was heartwrenching to watch - kids should not even be put in this situation)

So I encourage you all to realize the enormous responsibility we have. For those who would like a awesome website that gives a nice side by side comparison of the two platforms. Check this out Please be an informed voter!!

P.S. Feel free to just show up. No need for RVSP. If you are locked outside of cornerhouse and need one of us to let you in, call me at 248 345 4581.

And on a more lighthearted note: here's a recap of the vp debate if you missed it last week - the SNL version :)



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