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Post by Boomerwang on Fri Oct 24, 2008 1:31 am

Wow I'm so disappointed that...
Adam died. They've screwed themselves over, in my opinion, because I'm positive that many fans loved David Anders' character and performance (as with Mohinder, I love his accent), and it'll be even more disappointing/cheap/stupid to bring him back at this point.

There's only so much punishment a fanbase can take... I mean, if the bull gets too wild, it'll throw off even the toughest riders.

What exactly is Arthur Petrelli's ability? Beyond the obvious 'I can take your powers!' it seemed like he had some other abilities or aspect to his one major ability... especially if you look at his being able to incapacitate Angela through her dream, and definitely somehow manipulating Maury. So it seems he has some kind of powerful dream manipulation ability (just like that one Indian kid way way back during Season 1, who spoke to Mohinder), and also some form of telepathy. He probably can't control people directly, but rather he might be so adept at using his abilities that he can intimidate others naturally.

... Plus I don't imagine he's a very pleasant person to begin with. What do you all think caused him to become bedridden, especially given that he's alive, and didn't "commit suicide due to depression and illusions of grandeur" like Angela had claimed?

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Post by corlegacy89 on Fri Oct 24, 2008 12:02 pm

I agree with you a lot in regards to the bull. It seems to me that it's getting a little too farfetched and that they're trying too hard to make the show interesting? I'm starting to think that this 3rd season was overhyped.

haha. sorry, i dont really share the same passion as you do for adam...i mean. he didnt particularly annoy me a lot, but eh.

I think that Arthur's power is still just the Rogue power. Maybe before he got into that coma he sucked up someone else's power, to manipulate through dreams or whatever. But I guess we'll find out for sure as the season goes on.

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