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IV Setup Guide

Post by stechen on Fri Sep 19, 2008 8:05 pm

Hey mods - I'm posting this here for greater accessibility. If someone can sticky it that'd be great.

AIV Setup Team 08 Fall Semester Guide

• General Information

a. Transportation: We’ve reached a tentative agreement with Pearl Fung (734.272.5689) (Carriage 3) in which we can use her car for transportation – the equipment can stay in the car after takedown Thursday nights to be directly transported to Large Group on Friday (This is a totally awesome development, by the way). The two large speakers should fit in the trunk, and the keyboard goes in the front seat. Anything else is fair game – it should be physically possible for everything to fit.

i. Note: If Pearl’s car cannot be used, generally consistent alternatives are Sara Wolfgram (734.604.8514), Da Mao (248.890.1144), and Dan Chen (937.573.9935) in that order. If using Sara’s car, the trunk’s smaller so it may not be possible to fit both speakers in there.

b. Equipment:

i. I’ve attached a complete inventory list to the E-mail as well as a detailed record of all the cords, but here is a general list of items you should find and bring to every Large Group:

  1. Large green bag (w/cables, power strips, microphones, and keyboard cords & pedal)
  2. Cart
  3. Projector
  4. 2 speakers
  5. 2 speaker stands
  6. Amplifier (in wooden box)
  7. Soundboard
  8. 4 music stands (collapsible)
  9. 3 microphone stands
  10. 2 stand carrying bags
  11. Yamaha P-80 keyboard
  12. Keyboard stand
  13. Keyboard carrying case
  14. Drum frame
  15. 3 Drum tom toms (in “egg-shell” boxes)
  16. 3 Drum boxes (cardboard) – hi hat (with drum key), snare drum, cymbals
  17. Carton with drum equipment – pedal, bass drum pad, high-hat control, seat, power cord, transmission cord
c. Storage: All the equipment is stored at 1330 N. University Ct. #8 (Alg 8) for access; normally at around 5PM (Thursdays for IVME) and Fridays after LG when the equipment is to be loaded and unloaded the door to the Alg is unlocked, but just in case, call:

i. Dan Chen (937.573.9935), Jerry Wang (517.410.6471), Jack Wang (517.410.3837), Eric Chen (734.272.3609), or Steven Chen (734.620.4154)

d. Coordination with IV-ME

i. Currently, IV-ME picks up the equipment at the Alg on Thursdays for their Large Groups. However, the AIV worship team uses the worship equipment after IV large groups on Thursday nights, so we are responsible for takedown that day.

ii. Even when we don’t have Large Groups on Friday, it is possible that ME still has their Thursday LG – thus, it is imperative to call Emily Bier to confirm this. If they are indeed having LG, then we still should show up and help takedown.

iii. Contact Numbers for IV-ME:
1. Emily Bier (IV-ME large group coordinator) (734.945.7120)
2. Katie Sharkey (drives stuff) (616.212.3915)
3. Dave Paladino (IV staff worker, drives stuff) (734.634.7856)
4. Dan Walter (doesn’t do equipment anymore, but tends to know what’s going on with IV-ME and thus is a good source of information) (734.347.0630)

• Takedown Thursday

a. Worship team finishes practice at 10:30PM – arrive at Forum Hall (or wherever IV-ME had their large group) at that time, not the loading dock. Except for the 1) Power and transmission cord for the drums and 2) Cords relating to the projector, ALL CORDS AND WIRES go into the green bag. Note that Palmer Commons closes at 11:00PM and the doors are locked after that, so time is of the essence. Remember to pick up Pearl’s car. After loading everything into the car, return car to Carriage 3, where it will stay until Friday.

• Setup Friday

a. At around 5PM, one person (preferably with a driver’s license) will go to Carriage 3 to drive Pearl’s car with the equipment still in it to Palmer Commons – the rest of the team (worship team ideally should be there too) should be waiting there around 5:15PM or so Anything later than 5:30 makes things a bit rushed. Technically we book rooms beginning at 6PM, however in the past we’ve always been able to get in earlier by going down to the front desk and asking them to open it up for us. Set stuff up.

• Takedown Friday

a. After Large Group, the equipment needs to be taken down, loaded into Pearl’s car (ideally someone will leave right after LG to go and get it) and driven back to the Algonquin where it will all be unloaded. Then the car will be returned to Carriage 3 – call Pearl for details as to exactly which slot.

• Random Tips:

a. Power the projector off. This applies also for the soundboard and the amplifier – there are on/off buttons, but even if you cut those you need to cut the primary source – typically a switch on the side.
b. To extend the cart, flip it upside down to see a metal button – press it and pull on each side of the cart.
c. The ideal minimum personnel is four – obviously, the more the better. Any less than four and it really becomes a cumbersome process
d. Input slot four on the soundboard is somewhat off – don’t plug cord all the way in – it should stick out just a little bit for best connection

• Personnel List as of September 9th, 2008

a. Zhongnan Xu (xuzho)(503.880.3351)
b. Mike Corrigan (corrigam)(248.854.6497)
c. Ben Ryu (kangaryu)(248.803.0394)
d. Nathan Cheng (niche)(651.233.3640)
e. Alfred Eng (aeng)(978.390.1668)(can’t come Thursday)
f. Jack Wang (wangjack)(517.410.3837)
g. Steven Chen (stechen)(734.620.4154)(can’t come Thursday)
h. Kaibon Yuen (kbyuen)(516.382.8423)(can help out sometimes)
i. Eric Chen (734.272.3609)(helps maintain stuff and what not while he’s here)

Edit: Additional equipment added to list

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