Season of Giving Thanks

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Season of Giving Thanks

Post by Boomerwang on Mon Dec 01, 2008 3:55 pm

So what are you most thankful for these days! Some of us might have one or two things, others might have laundry lists. Either is fine! Very Happy

For me, hmmm... I'd say, I'm most thankful for people, such as this fellowship. There's really a huge difference between having such good friends and brothers and sisters, and going through school alone (the sensation I struggled with throughout my undergrad). Where I used to be hesitant to be so open with others, I'm now glad there are people here with whom I can share my more vulnerable moments with, whether it's with peers, small group members, or people in our fellowship I've come to regard as good friends.

I'm also thankful for the health of my family. These days it seems that despite the overall joy of the season, there has been many deaths of close loved ones, both within my extended family and within the families of my friends. My heart goes out to them, but it makes me all the more thankful for every new day I'm given to live, where I can wake up knowing that my brother, mother and father are all alive and well. It really changes my perspective on the daily grind, and before I'd groan about it "being just another mundane day to suffer through school." But now, I'm reminded to see every new day - moment - as an exciting opportunity, as an adventure to top all previous adventures.

I'm also thankful for change, and how God has made self-improvement so easily accessible. I'm not saying bad habits are necessarily easy to correct, but in a way, in the context of God's power... they are, you know? I'm seeing the change God is bringing in my life, and it thrills me and encourages me.

My hope is to share this optimism with those around me... even if it manifests as silliness! Ha ha.

I'm done (for now). Your turn!

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